The Essential LSAT – A Prep Primer

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Introducing The LSAT – An Information Primer

This is a short compilation of the most common questions and concerns “Law School Bound” students have about the LSAT and its role in the admissions process. It will also provide you with information about LSAT Preparation books, courses, seminars, tutoring and workshops in Toronto, Ontario, the rest of Canada and the U.S.

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Outline Of Frequently Asked Questions LSAT FAQs Organized By Category:

1. What Is The LSAT, Where Does It Come From And What Role Does It Play In The Admissions Process?

2. How Do I Register For The LSAT And Why Should I Take The LSAT Early?

3. About The LSAT – Exact Upcoming Dates

4. About The LSAT – What Does It Test? What Counts? What Is Experimental?

5. About The LSAT – How Is It Scored? What Does The Score Mean? Do All Questions Count The Same? Is There A Guessing Penalty? Can I Cancel My Score?

6. LSAT Preparation – “Success Favours The PREPared Mind!”

7. About LSAT Books …

8. About LSAT Preparation Courses …

9. Richardson – Law School Bound – Our Experience – Since 1979