6. LSAT Preparation – “Success Favors The PREPared Mind!”

Q. Should I prepare?
A. Obviously you should be prepared when you take the LSAT. Even Law Services (the creators and marketers of the LSAT) encourage preparation.

Q. How much should I prepare?
A. You have two preparation objectives. They are:

First, to actually be prepared.
Second, to feel that you are prepared.
Different people have different preparation needs.

Q. How early should I start preparing?
A. This is a matter of opinion and is subjective. But, it would be a mistake to presume that you will needs months and months of preparation (although some people may). Our advice is to begin with a period of four to six weeks prior to the test and then to add more time if necessary. (This is another argument for taking the test in June or October.)

Q. How should I prepare?
A. This is done through a combination of actual LSAT practice questions and additional books and courses.

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