7. About The Best LSAT Books

Q. What about books that come directly from LSAT?
A. At a minimum you should familiarize yourself with the LSAT using actual LSAT questions. They are available for purchase from LSAT and in many university bookstores, Chapters/Indigo and of course online. At present there are approximately 45 actual released LSATs many of which are available for purchase. With few exceptions the actual LSAT tests come with answers but not with commentary. Hence, the need for additional books.

Q. What about books that don’t come directly from LSAT but come from other sources?
A. There are many LSAT books on the market. You will want them to provide the commentary on the test that LSAT fails to provide with their own tests. Obviously, we would recommend our own:
Mastering The LSAT – How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully – John Richardson – ISBN: 0-9696290-3-6.

A site that specializes in LSAT Prep Books is:




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