9. Richardson – Law School Bound – 30 Years Of Improving Scores

Introducing The Richardson Prep Centre:

Richardson Prep Centre
Box 19602, Manulife P.O.
55 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3T9


LSAT Prep In Canada


LSAT Prep In The U.S.


We have taught our LSAT courses since 1979 – making our program one of the longest running programs in existence anywhere. In fact we are aware of only one other program (anywhere in the world) that has existed for as long as we have.

Free LSAT Strategy Seminars:

We offer free LSAT Strategy Seminars throughout the year.


or check our Facebook Events at:


Weekend Courses Of Various Durations

Our LSAT Preparation Courses are available in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kingston and other locations in Canada.

We offer our courses on the weekends in the format of four, three, two or one weekends.

Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry.

What Our Course Teaches – The Approach
Our course teaches approach. We teach systematic ways of eliminating wrong answers. We teach the identification of right answers.

The LSAT is not a test of background knowledge. Rather, it is a test of reading and reasoning. It is important that a score on say the June test has the same meaning as a score on the October test. To achieve consistency, every edition of the LSAT must measure the same things in approximately the same ways. As a result, LSAT questions are the “end product” of specific rules of design.

Our course exploits this design requirement. We teach specific principles of approach that will allow you to “identify” the answers to LSAT multiple choice questions. These principles INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

• diagraming techniques

• the recognition of ways that LSAT test designers make wrong answers seem attractive

• the recognition of ways that LSAT test designers make right answers seem unattractive

• the best order to attack LSAT questions

• reading “between the lines” in reading comprehension

• avoiding “clutter” in logical reasoning

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