8. About LSAT Preparation Courses

Q. What about LSAT Preparation Courses?
A. A very high percentage of LSAT test takers do take LSAT courses. LSAT Preparation is a large industry. There are many different courses of varying durations, formats and prices.

Q. What should I consider when selecting an LSAT course?
A. We suggest that in selecting an LSAT course you consider at least the following:

– Does the course teach a general approach (see information about courses below) which is firmly rooted in the twin LSAT realities of timing (you will run out of it), LSAT technology (all LSATs must be designed in the same way)?

– The experience level and quality of the teachers (remember that all courses are taught primarily from actual LSAT questions)

– Time of day the classes are run (some people are too tired at the end of the day for evening classes) evenings or weekends or both

– Duration and format – do you want a longer or shorter course? Both have their benefits.

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